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Blue Carbon 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery with Built-in BMS

Blue Carbon 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery with Built-in BMS

SKU: 364215375135191

Solid Enclosure

  • High-quality aluminum magnesium alloy, anti-corrosion, substantial, durable, artistic and practical. High craft manifesting production value of famous brand.     



5 Years Warranty

  • Your investment is still within our care by providing you 5-years warranty


Time saving, ready to install (SCC / Inverter / 12V load)

  • No need to do top-balancing and other preliminary process before use. From the time you unbox its package, it's ready use. 


No need to assemble

  • All-in-one sophisticated design and production. Easy to Install     


DOD < 95%

  • Making the most out of your battery by utilizing its Depth-of-Charge up to 95%     


100A Continuous Charging/Discharging Current

  • Strong and reliable charging and discharging current up to 100A, giving the best output from your MPPT charger.    


Built-in BMS

  • Integrated with protection device "Battery Management System" to protect the battery cells all the time.    

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✅ Main Warehouse Address: 181 Sulpoc, Tanauan, Batangas
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  • Additional Information

    ■ Volume: The capacity of LiFePO4 battery is bigger than lead- acid cell, with the same volume,it is double of Lead-acid battery.

    ■ Weight: LiFePO4 is light. The weight is just 1/3 of lead-acid cell with the same capacity.

    ■ No memory effect: No matter the LiFePO4 Battery is in which conditions, it can be charged and discharged whenever you like, no need to discharge totally then charge for it.

    ■ Durability: The durability of LiFePO4 Battery is powerful and consumption is slow. The time ofcharging and discharging is more than 2000times. After 2000times circulation, the capacity ofthe battery is still more than 80%.

    ■ Security: LiFePO4 battery passed the strict safety testing, with higher safety performance.

    ■ Environmental protection: Lithium materials not have any poisonous and harmful is regarded as green and environmental protection battery. The battery has no any pollution no matter in the process of production or in the process of using. 

  • Warranty Claims

    If the product is still covered under warranty period and proof of purchase is still available,

    Customer is required to submit a report with image(s) and video(s) about the issue or concern of the product. Upon submitting it, investigation will take place, we will provide time-to-time updates to customer.

    Customer could turn-over the product either at

    • Manila (Pick-up Point)
    • Main Office
  • Shipping Information

    Customer can pick-up his/her order either at

    • Manila (Pick-up Point)
    • Main Office (Tanauan)

    Otherwise, the Customer should shoulder the shipping fee if he/she wants it to be delivered instead of pick-up.

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