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"How to Keep Your House Cool and Save Energy This Summer"

How to Keep Your House Cool and Save Energy This Summer

It looks like this summer will be one of the hottest on record! It can be tempting to turn up the air conditioning when the temperature rises. However, you don't want your electricity costs to soar.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your home cool this summer while conserving energy.

1. The Windows in the Morning and at Night

You may let in some fresh, cool air by opening your windows in the morning and after the sun goes down at night. You'll feel like you're in an oven if you leave your windows open all day, but if you're smart about when you open and close them, you can lower the temperature in your home without using the air conditioner.

2. Invest in Trendy Home Upgrades

Although pricey, choosing energy-efficient equipment and improving your insulation can have a significant impact. These types of house modifications can keep you warmer in the winter as well as cooler in the summer.

3. Exhale Hot Air

Not only should you let cold air into your home, but you should also let hot air escape. You may help to vent some of that hot air by turning on the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. This is still an energy-saving trick because it uses some electricity, but not as much as an air conditioner.

4. Replace the furnace filters.

It's usually a good idea to replace your furnace filter every three months, but it's simple to forget. The appropriate circulation of cold air in your home can be hampered by a blocked filter. This is a simple fix that you ought to be carrying out anyhow.

5. Block out the Sun

We all adore natural light, but it's not great when it turns your home into a greenhouse. To keep your home cool and shaded during the hottest part of the day, make sure to keep your blinds and drapes drawn.

6. Fan Usage

Although not new, this advice is nonetheless worth repeating. Fans can significantly affect the temperature in your house. If you don't currently have ceiling fans in your home, think about getting one this summer. To generate a cool downward breeze, make sure they are set to counterclockwise. A box fan can also be placed in front of a basin of ice; this method genuinely works!

7. If you can't cook outside, don't.

Turning on the stove or the oven is one of the simplest methods to heat up a house. Why not light the grill this summer instead of the stove? Try these dishes that don't even call for heating up your kitchen as an alternative. Alternately, employ more energy-efficient, low-heat devices like air fryers that are smaller in size.

8. Lock Up Unused Spaces

Closing unneeded rooms can significantly affect both the temperature of your home and your power cost, even if it may not be a solution you've considered. Close the vents and the door if you aren't currently using the guest room. There is one less room that requires cooling.

9. Use a cold shower or bath.

While a cold bath or shower won't do much to chill off your home, it will do wonders for you! If you've just finished yard labor or another outdoor activity, this can be a useful remedy. Therefore, try this advice first before turning on the thermostat.

10. Go solar

Many homeowners are very concerned about their rising energy costs, especially as the summers become hotter than ever. Going solar is a terrific method to lower your electricity costs while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and raising the value of your home.

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