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Our company can provide packages and installations for your Solar Power Systems.

We can customized the setup depends on your budget, preferences or we can tailor-fit it your electrical bills.



What Can We Do For You?


A package of a Solar Generator and 2-pieces of Solar Panels to provide power for lite appliances such as electronic devices, small refrigerators, electric fan, lights, rice cooker, etc.

Recommended for a small scale household, remote areas, car campers and emergency power


A complete Off-Grid Solar Power System with Hybrid integration for entry-level of motorized appliances such as 1-hp aircon, washing machine, etc.

Recommended for an intermediate scale household.


A complete Off-Grid Solar Power System with Hybrid integration for motorized, power tools, and high inductive appliances

Recommended for large scale household and small scale for commercial use


A Solar Power System that yields high amount of daily solar energy with hybrid integration and designed for commercial use, large operations and reliable back-up power.

Recommended for use of commercial buildings, restaurants, large remote operations, etc.

Services: Services

Estimates, System Analysis and Quotations

We make sure nothing is wasted or redundant in your quest to solar powered household. We provide creative solutions that can scale to your requirements and allow flexibility with your budget.

  • We provide assessments and assessments of your needs with actual site inspection

  • We provide system analysis of your existing solar devices for your upgrade needs

  • And if you still want to further gain value from your devices - from solar powered lightings to appliances, we got you covered.


Equipment and Materials Supplier

We are dedicated in providing the best equipment and materials available in the market. We always make it a point that these commitments are followed throughout the promise of our products and services:

  • Our products are safe, produced with efficiency in mind, and long-term usage as key objective. 

  • Our equipment and materials are sourced directly from the manufacturers themselves

  • Our suppliers are validated with reputable standards in production and quality management


Solar / Photovoltaic Installation

Ensure quality and great deals for solar device installations from Helios Optimum. With our direct supplier relations, you are already guaranteed to get the best price and quality services for parts and maintenance.

No need to have a third-party bridge your warranty and maintenance requirements - just Helios Optimum is enough

We supervise from (a) ASSESSMENT, (b) INSTALLATION, (c) MAINTENANCE, and (d) UPGRADE

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