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LiFePO4 Solar Batteries

Our Solar Batteries have the highest grade of quality. Built to last for more than a decade. Designed in a most sophisticated and ergonomic feature which can be presentable in any situation. Our batteries are designed to be user-friendly in such a way that it can be as simple as plug-and-play setup. It's already installed with built-in protection board (BMS) for long-lasting usage. 


Our Solar Inverters are some of our best selling items, and they come fully equipped with all parts guaranteed, and ready to use right after purchase. Our clients really appreciate the fact that our products are only top quality, carefully selected by our team and ready to use from the moment they are purchased. Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call and an expert will assist you with all doubts.


Our Solar Panels are all top-of-the-line, so performance is guaranteed. These are some of our top-selling products and are used by customers for a variety of different functions. If you need help choosing one of our many Solar Panels for a specific project or job, get in touch and a consultant will be happy to help you.

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An entire solar system is only one-click away! With our All-in-One Solar System, you can enjoy the free electric energy from the Sun with lesser wires and complexities. Affordable and no need to have a very intimidating panel board. The all-in-one solar system has a built-in LiFePO4 battery, Inverter and DC/AC Input for charging. It's very compact and portable that you can even bring an entire Solar System in your outdoor trip!

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All-In-One Solar System

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