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1kW Solar System

A solar system package that is designed to be compact, portable and versatile in terms of flexibility and portability. Our 1kW solar system has inclusions of the following:

  1. 500W Shingled Monocrystalline Half-Cut PERC Solar Panel

  2. 24V 1kW Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  3. 24V 130Ah LiFePO4 Battery with BMS

  4. 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with max input power of 1,100W

  5. AC-DC LiFePO4 Charger

  6. Protection Devices

  7. LCD Display

Sample Use Case:

  1. Electronic devices (e.g. laptops, cellphones, TV, internet router, CCTV)

  2. Lite household appliances (e.g. electric fan, small rice cooker, small refrigerator, LED lights)

  3. Car Camping, Mobile Office / remote seminars or other small scale remote operations

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