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3kW Solar System

A solar system package that is designed for intermediate scale of household appliances. It can energize entry level and casual motorized appliances such as water pumps, air conditioners, heaters, etc. This system includes the following

  1. 3,00W Shingled Monocrystalline Half-Cut PERC Solar Panel (Up to 12kWH to 15kWh harvest daily; 
    360kWh to 450kWh harvest monthly)

  2. 24V 3.5kW Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter with

    • 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller​

    • Max Solar Input power of 5,500W

    • Power Factor of 1.0 (No losses)

    • Capability to parallel with another same inverter to increase the entire capacity of the system (up to 9 units)

    • Draw power from the grid

  3. 24V 260Ah LiFePO4 Battery with BMS and Active Balancer (6.6kWh, 14-hrs use for 0.5hp Aircon)

  4. Automatic Transfer Switch

  5. LCD Display

Sample Use Case:

​- A family of 4 living in a house which has appliances of 100W Refrigerator, 20W CCTV, 60W 32-inch TV, 10pcs of 15W LED Lights, 3pcs of 60W electric fan, 2pcs of 0.75-hp air conditioner, 150W washing machine and 1-hp water pump.

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