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10kW Solar System

A solar system package that is designed for commercial use. It is designed to energize continuous power for equipment such as freezers and chillers, ice maker, coffee machine, range hood, high resistive load such as induction cooker, steamer and water heater.
Initial setup of this package includes the following:


  1. 9,000W Shingled Monocrystalline Half-Cut PERC Solar Panel (Up to 36kWH to 45kWh harvest daily; 
    1,080kWh to 1,350kWh harvest monthly)

  2. 48V 11kW Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter with

    • 200A MPPT Solar Charge Controller​

    • Max Solar Input power of 11,000W

    • Power Factor of 1.0 (No losses)

    • Capability to parallel with another same inverter to increase the entire capacity of the system (up to 9 units)

    • Capability to draw power from the grid

  3. 48V 400Ah LiFePO4 Battery with BMS and Active Balancer (20.4kWh, 22-hours use for 1hp Aircon)

  4. Automatic Transfer Switch

  5. LCD Display

Sample Use Case:

​- A restaurant which has the following utilities and equipment such as 2-hp aircon, 200W range hood, 2,000W induction cooker, 2pcs of 150W chillers, 2pcs of 180W freezers, 30pcs of 15W LED Lights, 2pcs of 60W ceiling fans, 3pcs of 120W computer desktop, 2pcs 50W printers, 5pcs of 60W electric fan, 75W of 58-inch TV, and more.


Note: This setup is only initial, it can still be customized based on the client's budget or preferences.

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