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How To Get An Estimate Of A Specific Appliance’s Consumption

What is an electrical load?

The electrical load is the calculation of how much power is required to run everything that consumes electricity in your home. When making significant electrical additions to a home, everything that will use electricity to run is calculated to find the electrical load. The electrical load of a house determines many things, including the amperage of your electrical panel. Finding the electrical load is an important part of determining whether you need to change your electrical service, as it will tell you if the power supplied to your home (amps) isn’t enough for your electricity use.

If you or the customer would like to calculate energy usage for any appliance, you can also use these formulas.

To Calculate The Load Of Your Household:

Step 1. Look for the Label Sticker of Appliances

· Look for the input power in a form of Watts

or Wattage (W)

· If the input power is in a form of Amperes (A), to get

the Wattage:


0.8 A (input power) x 220 V = 176 W

Step 2. After getting the Input Power, to get the required energy:


hours of usage x Wattage of the appliances. = Required Energy (Wh)

176 W (input power) x 8 hrs (hours of usage) = 1,498 Wh

Note: Your cost will depend on your utility rates and use.

To Calculate The Total Energy Consumed

Step 3. After getting the Required energy, convert it from Wh to kWh, by dividing it by 1,000.


= 1.408 kWh

1,408 Wh


To Estimate the Total Electrical Bill

Step 4. After getting the Required Energy in a form of kWh, multiply the Required energy in kWh by the grid cost per kWh.


(Meralco cost PHP 11 per kWh)

1.408 kWh x PHP 11 = 15.488


This is just an estimate, other charges from Meralco might apply such as:

a.) Transmission charges

b.) Losses

c.) Generation cost



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