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Is a Solar Battery Right for You?

Is a Solar Battery Right for You?

Homeowners have the option of storing energy with a solar battery. Power outages and the avoidance of increased utility prices during "peak time" for utility companies can both benefit from this.

Your solar panels may occasionally provide more electricity than you require if you don't have a battery. They simply send it to the grid in such case. If you do have a battery, the additional energy is kept there and can be used when the grid is down or your panels aren't producing as much. Although not everyone requires or desires a battery, is a solar battery the best option for you?

Although the question is very straightforward, the solution is a little trickier than you may imagine. We'll break down the advantages and disadvantages of each choice so you can decide which is best for you.

Reasons why using a battery can be a better choice for you:

• You Live Off the Grid - If you currently reside in a remote area where connecting to the power grid is difficult, a battery will be your only alternative (which, in our opinion, makes the choice rather simple!).

• Grid Independent - We understand that being independent of utility providers sounds incredible, so if this is your objective in installing solar panels on your home, a battery is a fantastic option!

Why using a battery right now might not be the best option for you?

• Costly - Because the technology is still relatively new, batteries are somewhat expensive. The cost of a good battery will probably range from $8,000 to $20,000. We anticipate a price decrease as technology advances, just as solar panels.

• No DIY - here; to install a battery, you must hire a professional. With today's solar battery technology, safe installation and connection to the electrical grid require the assistance of a qualified installer or electrician. This raises the price tag by still another expense.

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