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Sorotec 48V 6kW Inverter Hybrid On/Off Grid Revo HES

Sorotec 48V 6kW Inverter Hybrid On/Off Grid Revo HES

SKU: 5370844058891819

Pure Sine Wave Power

     • This inverter delivers a pure sine wave output, ensuring top-tier energy quality and reliability for your solar power system.

High Output Power Factor
     • With an output power factor of 1.0, it guarantees consistent and efficient power conversion, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Scalable Performance
     • The Revo HES supports parallel operations with up to 9 units, offering unmatched scalability and increased power capacity as your energy needs grow.

Battery-Independent Design:
     • Designed to operate seamlessly without a battery backup system, this inverter ensures uninterrupted power supply, enhancing your energy system's resilience.

Efficient Solar Charging
     • Equipped with a built-in 120 A MPPT solar charger, it optimizes energy harvesting from your solar panels, maximizing your system's performance and energy savings.

Long-Term Assurance
     • Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, the Revo HES inverter provides peace of mind, assuring you of its reliability and durability over the years. Ideal for both residential and commercial solar installations

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