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Electricity Dilemma

There are many reasons why electricity is important. If you own a home today, chances are that it has at least one electrical appliance inside. You may not realize it but without this amazing source of power, the comforts you enjoy would not be possible. Lighting in

your home requires electricity to make everything bright and luminous. Without light, it would be hard to do even the simplest of tasks. In addition, Electricity is also essential for heating your home in cold weather conditions. Life would be extremely difficult if you could not use your appliances. Lights, heating and other electrical devices are very useful for making life comfortable.

Many customers who call in various electrical companies about high bills are confused, anxious, and angry. Receiving high electricity bills every month is daunting, especially during this pandemic. Customers may have added new appliances without realizing that the products consume more energy that result of having problem with high electricity bill. Billing and payment complaints/issues, these kinds of problem aren’t uncommon. People are under the mercy of these electrical distribution companies such as Meralco or Batelec etc. These companies will collect payments from the consumers against their energy supplies. Therefore, consumers have responsibilities to pay electricity bills in full, promptly and honestly within the stipulated time frame. Their energy bills depend on the amount of electricity they’ve used.

People are sometimes struggling to afford their electricity bills consequently, they missed monthly payments. They have no other choice but to pay whatever may these electrical distribution companies charge them otherwise they will receive a notice of disconnection due to payment delays. These are their common worries,

receiving notices stating that their service could be cut off due to nonpayment. If they’re struggling to afford their electricity bills, there are instances that people are always trying to negotiate a deal with the particular electrical distribution company hoping that they might agree not to disconnect them or less they might threaten to disconnect their service.


We thrive on the power and the advocacy of renewable energy. We believe, that our country is not only rich in natural resources, but also rich in renewable and unlimited natural energy. Such as, the solar radiation from the sun.

We are under obligation to promote the advocacy of renewable energy. Our journey of seeking and distributing the most technologically advance materials and equipment is our high priority. Giving the filipino people the best technology for renewable power.
We want to see families, businesses, and establishments, enjoying the fullness of renewable energy. Wherever you are, even if you are in an island, mountains, rural area, we always push the boundaries of technology to make what you thought was once impossible, possible.

We are official distributors and direct importers of Solar Panels, Inverters, Lithium batteries, like Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, and other necessary materials. Carrying the most reliable brands available in the market.

Not only we distribute our products, but we also provide the best and reliable warranty services for it. Making sure that our customers enjoys every peso they spent for our products.

We also offer solar installation services. What separates us apart from other installers is that since we are also distributors of our products, we uphold the longest warranty directly from the factory of the products we use for installation, and providing our clients the most competitive quotations.

If you would like to know some simple tips on how to save electricity to minimize electrical bills, just click this LINK.

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