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Simple Ways to Save Money on Electricity Bill at Home

Electricity bill is one of the main expenses we all have. We can’t deny the fact that it’s one of the main contributor of our budget especially here in the Philippines since we are a tropical country. If you’re one of the many Pinoys looking for some ways to save money, here are some ideas and tips on how you can lower the consumption of your electricity and of course your electricity bill.

Practical Tips to Decrease Your Electrical Bill

1. Insulate the roof or ceiling of your home.

This will maintain your house at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. You'll save money on your energy bills, and the expenditure will pay for itself in a short period of time.

2. Draught proof your room or unit.

Make sure your doors and windows are securely sealed to prevent draughts from entering your home. Exclude the hot humid air from coming into your air-conditioned room or seal windows cheaply by using draught-stoppers or window seals.

3. Invest on LED lights.

LEDs are the most energy-efficient light bulbs for the majority of applications, and you've probably already got a lot of them in your house since they've become the industry standard in recent years. However, if you have any outdated halogen downlights, you may want to consider switching to LEDs instead. You may need to hire an electrician to replace the drivers or transformers as well since while LED downlights can function with an old driver, they will run better and last longer with a good LED driver.

4. Make sure that all your doors and windows are closed.

This is important to remember and do especially if you’re using your air conditioner unit.

5. Block the sun from entering your home using drapes.

On hot summer days this will help keep the heat out and on chilly nights curtains or blinds will assist to keep the heat in.

6. Turn on your air conditioner early.

It is best to use your air conditioner only on very hot or humid days. If you know it's going to be a hot day, put on the air conditioning and close the doors and windows. As a result, the air conditioner will use less energy and assist in keeping the house cold throughout the day. This only works if your house is well sealed and insulated, otherwise you'll be squandering a lot of your air conditioning's energy.

7. Switch to ceiling fans.

The environmental effect of using a ceiling fan is substantially lower than that of air conditioning. And if the weather is too hot, you can also use it to help cool down your home along with the air conditioner.

Tips in using your appliances

8. Turn off and unplug your appliances when not in use.

A "standby" mode is activated when your TV, computer, microwave, and even certain washing machines are not in use. To save electricity, disconnect them from the outlet. You must also turn off the lights when not in use as it is also an efficient way in saving energy.

9. Invest in energy efficient appliances.

When it comes to saving money, consider the size first. In many cases, it's simpler for a bigger model to be more energy-efficient since they have higher efficiency than a smaller one. However, since it is larger, its total energy usage is generally greater.

10. Choose the right washing machine.

Most front-loading washing machines are more expensive to purchase, but in the long run, they save you money and are better for the environment since they use less electricity, water, and detergent than top-loading models. Some even include hot water and cold water options for washing.

11. Invest in an energy-efficient refrigerator.

You should take into consideration the energy efficiency factor (EEF) when purchasing a refrigerator, and so a lot of individuals are looking for the highest EEF model presently available in the Philippines. Inverter refrigerators tend to have a greater EEF than their non-inverter counterparts since the EEF is inversely related to energy consumption meaning the lower the energy consumption or energy use, the higher the EEF.


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